About Us

Established in 2010 the JBK project goals address health, hygiene, nutritional and environmental issues, female empowerment, gender equality and maintaining smaller families through education on contraceptive methods. The program benefits all castes, creeds and religions – with a special focus on the Dalit (untouchables) communities.

Funds greatly reduce maternal and child mortality and malnutrition/morbidity, and provide ante and post-natal care to rural women. It also offers health education to prevent STD and HIV and encourage expectant mothers to have female children (highlighting the dangers of female foeticide).

Links have also been established with the Indian health department to facilitate medicines, contraceptives and IEC materials. New micro-finance initiatives CLICK HERE TO VISIT SHOP are also generating income and project funds to offer a small income to the widows/single women and make the project self-sustaining going forward.

This was the LATEST PROPOSAL DOCUMENT for the work urgently needed in the Punjab; to be carried out by the JBK Society. It was written by Dr Alma Ram pictured below who runs the project.