Fighting HIV & Aids

Fighting HIV & Aids

(Above left)

Tour groups from 2016 and 2017 meet with a widow struggling with HIV. She has two teenage boys, her husband died from AIDS having become addicted to drugs (common due to depression with Dalit life and/or given by landowners instead of wages to keep men attached to working for them through addiction), and she has to take two buses to get to the clinic for check-ups and her anti-retroviral drugs. They have a health book to monitor their blood tests and medication.

Project worker Ninder and a second HIV/AIDS project worker support her and 70 other people in this situation. They assist 10 children orphaned through parental AIDS deaths (cared for by relatives now) and assist one child with schooling.

(Above right)

A widow looking after her daughters alone in a remote village. Her husband also died from AIDS.

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