Woman & Child Community Health Program

This North Indian project, known as the Jagriti Bhalai Kendra (JBK) Society, is transforming communities through education on health, gender justice, sanitation, hygiene, maternal care, nutrition and the environment. It is being supported by overseas partners striving to make a difference to the world.

Cosy Toes Slippers/Bed Socks – 1 Pair


Hand-knitted slipper socks made by the widows and single ladies in the JBKS. Warm and comfortable – and with a separate big toe, allow you to slip on a pair of thongs (flip flops) if you need to. 17% of the production costs (10 rupees/20cents) for each pair of slippers is given as a wage to the widow/single who knits them, which provides food for a day. These women receive no income or pensions and have to rely entirely on their families to support them. The remaining profit made on the sales goes directly back to the JBKS project on community health initiatives.

Price: $10 per pair (AUD) plus postage. BOGO – buy one get one free!!

$18 two pairs plus postage (get one pair free)

$25 three pairs (get one free)

More than three by negotiation.

Sizes: Small (children)

Medium (6-8 Aus/US)

Large (8-12 Aus/US)

Variety of colours – please specify any particular requests.

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