Hymn for the Wounded Man

Hymn for the Wounded Man

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A story about love and truth and death: choose one, you get all three, every time. The author, Stephanie Dale, www.stephaniedale.com has generously donated half of the proceeds for this book to our project. 

Lilia is an Australian city girl who takes time out from her busy life to meet her spiritual heart in New Zealand. There she meets a man whose culture she didn’t know existed in the modern world of the 21st century. And so begins a love story that is timeless and achingly beautiful.
‘Hymn for the Wounded Man’ will ferry you into the wild places of New Zealand and there you will embark on a journey to a little understood realm in the West, the realm of the hunter – and you will return home in love with life and love and truth and death.
This beautiful book is a homecoming – if you’re willing to take the journey. 






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My Pilgrim’s Heart is a beautifully written story about simultaneous journeys: a woman’s pilgrimage across the landscapes of Italy and Eastern Europe and a marriage on the line. At 48, Stephanie Dale took time out from her marriage to walk with her son from Rome to Istanbul. There were three things I walked on my journey from Rome. I walked the geographical landscape, allowing myself to meet the world and her people, the earth and its forces: the sunshine, mountains, wind and ocean. I walked the inner world, as within so without, exploring how the world before me mirrored my thoughts, beliefs and prejudices. And I walked my marriage. My Pilgrim’s Heart is an extraordinarily honest narrative that explores the timeless issues of sex, money and power in a marriage. For even though Stephanie left her young and troubled marriage behind her, in reality, it was with her every single step of the way – a much more significant weight than the 20kg she lugged on her back. This book is an uncommonly bold exploration of the relationships between women and men: between husband and wife, between mother and adult son, between a woman and the masculine world, between an Australian woman and the men of different cultures she meets on the road, West to East. The book is also a compelling voyage into the unnamed fears that shape our world.