Woman & Child Community Health Program

This North Indian project, known as the Jagriti Bhalai Kendra (JBK) Society, is transforming communities through education on health, gender justice, sanitation, hygiene, maternal care, nutrition and the environment. It is being supported by overseas partners striving to make a difference to the world.


For women to be able to thrive in Dalit communities they also need to be able to plan their families. Gender equality is vital, but family planning is imperative to enable women to make their own choices and thus empower the girl child too. The JBKS carries out family planning classes and seminars in the villages to explain to the women the choices they can make for themselves and their families.

The widows and singles are to be trained in marketing, cottage industry production, basic book-keeping and sales skills to help them open a shop to sell their goods to tourists and shoppers in Amritsar. They knit and sew items at present and these skills, and more, will be developed to help sustain themselves and pump money back into the project to help others.

Experienced social enterprise advisor and tutor Ghazala Khan was recently brought in by Dr Alma Ram to teach and train the widows and single women in production, marketing and retail skills to improve processes for their cottage industry products and sales. Those that were trained will then go out to teach more of the 2,500 widows in the Ekil Nari Shakti Sangathan (meaning Association of Strong Women Alone.)

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